Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Big Tster has started getting himself into the sitting positon from his tummy.

2. He can crawl all over the place!

3. I am terrified I will accidentally leave the basement door open. I woke up panicked about it last night. It's time to get a baby gate.

4. T loves the curtains in the living room. His goal in life right now is to yank them down, so I'm going to have to pull them back or take them down.

5. I picked out a convertible car seat for Turner. He's super long and his baby feet are starting to hang out of his infant seat.

6. I'm having a really hard time changing T's diaper. He does not want to lay on his back on the changing table. He keeps flipping over, and it's super annoying!

7. I'm listening to Turner snore is his car seat as I type this - too cute.

8. We've been reading books every night before bedtime and Turner is starting to act very interested in his books. He likes to touch the pages while I read.

9. His current fav is Moo, Baa, La, La, La! By Sandra Boynton. He looks up at me and smiles when I make the animal noises.

10. I know it's out of season - but here is a Halloween picture of Turner in his scarecrow costume Grammy made!

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