Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bumpers on the Brain

I have some major anxiety over T's bumper. All the experts say not to use bumpers, as they may pose a suffocation risk. However, bumpers have been used in millions of cribs for a long time, and they are still on  the market. I am usually a by-the-book kind of gal, so I was leery of using Big T's bumper. 

That being said, he had a rough transition from his yellow bassinet thing to the crib. He loved being snuggled up in "The yellow thing," so when I transitioned him to the crib and he was not having it, I put in the bumper so he could rest his back against it. Turns out, I don't think any baby has ever loved a bumper as much as T does. He lays against his bumper, rests his arms and legs on the bumper, pats the bumper and contently investigates the stripes. He hearts his bumper!

It gives me A LOT of anxiety though. Even though my rational self knows he is old enough to roll over if his face is against it, I still worry - because that's how I am. So, last weekend I went to Babies R Us and found a BREATHABLE padded crib bumper. I know . . . I didn't believe it either! I even took it out of the package and stuffed  my face into it like a crazy person, and it's true! I could breathe through the fabric! I was super pumped, only to be disappointed when I got home and it didn't fit in T's crib correctly *sigh*. So, until I can bear to listen to Turner howl for a few nights when I take his beloved bumper away, I'll just have to keep checking on T on the regular. Here's a few pics of T and said bumper.

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