Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Fun

I didn't take enough pictures of Turner this summer, and now that I go back to school in ONE day, I'm feeling sad about my lack of photos. It's not that there weren't several opportunities; it's just I was too busy enjoying my baby or chasing him around to remember to bust out the camera. At least we made lots of memories. Okay, well I made lots of memories. I know T is way too little to remember much, but that's not the point.

Anyhoo, we spent our summer hangin' with lots-o-friends. Including: the cousins, Sammy and Harrison (Erin's boys), Ashlyn and Haidyn (Kristen's twin girls), Ali (Sharon's daughter), Auntie Whit and Bethanne. Of course, T also spent lots of time with Grammy and Papaw and Grandma and Grandpa Steffen.

It was sooooo hot most of the summer that we spent a lot of time inside, but tried to get outside to play in the backyard in the mornings when it wasn't quite so oppressive.

Here are some pics of T in his Step 2 car and the playset (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) that he and his cousins play on. Actually, his cousins really are the only ones who swing. Turner screams when I try to swing him. He doesn't like elevators either. I think my baby boy may have a weak tummy. I don't see King's Isalnd passes anywhere in our near future!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turner's Birthday - Part II

The birthday fun continued for Tster on the Sunday after his birthday at Grammy's house.
He had a super cute dinosaur cake complete with a coordinating smash cake just for him! Grandma Green and Grandma and Grandpa Swartzel came, along with the usual Alldred clan and Grammy and Papaw were there of course. Fun was had by all!

Turner made out like a a bandit! He got a Mega Blocks boat, a car steering wheel toy, a bouncy Howdy Cow, a water table, and a puzzle. He also got some moolah that went into his savings account. When it came to actually opening the presents, Kellan was much more interested than Turner, as you'll see below. T preferred to drink Diet Coke with Grandma Swartzel and play with an empty yogurt container and a plastic spoon - I guess that's a one year old for ya :)

Also, on T's actual birthday he got a Step 2 car to ride in, which he thinks is super cool, and we went to the DQ and got min blizzards for T and his cousins. There are no pictures of their mini blizzard party because Turner was a pigaletto and wouldn't let me stop feeding him long enough to get a picture! He loves him some Oreo blizzard!

Anyhoo, below are pictures from the par-tay!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Turner's Birthday - Part 1

Turner was one lucky little guy on his birthday. He got TWO parties instead of one! Grandma Sue was leaving for Europe, so we did Daddy's family party first and them Mommy's family the next week. Unfortunately, my camera died right when we were beginning the festivities, so we had to use a disposable. I only bought one, and it ran out of pictures before I was done. Also, the pictures turned out rather atrocious, but they're memories none the less, so I'm posting them anyway.

Turner loved his cupcake. He really dug into it. Grandma Sue had to step outside because she was extremely a little nervous Turner might choke. He ate the cupcake like a champ though!

He got lots of sports related toys. Uncle Kris and Malerie got him a basketball hoop for the tub and a baby tee-ball game and Grandma and Grandpa got him a basketball hoop for the living room and a workbench with a hammer. Mommy got him a Busy Ball Popper.

Almost two months later, he still plays with all the toys A LOT, so they were excellent choices for Tster!