Friday, September 3, 2010

Tummy Time

It's recommended that babies sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS. Because of this, little ones need to spend awake time on their tummies to work on lifting their heads and building core muscles. For the first month or so Big T was not a fan of tummy time at all. Now, he has decided tummy time is great - for sleeping. He is not interested in lifting his head. As usual, I've talked to other mommies and researched online how to get T to lift his head while on his tum tum. The most common advice is to use a Boppy pillow to prop him up a little, so I gave it a whirl.

Turner taking a nap while on his tummy. What a peaceful little guy. If you look closely, you can see his pal Lucy Lou napping with him.

Showing off his mad head lifting skills on the Boppy.

Approximately 2 minutes later.

The prediatrician told me Turner should spend about an hour a day on his tummy. At two minutes a pop, we only have to have tummy time THIRTY more times today. I think we'll work our way up slowly!

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