Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I joined Facebook against my better judgement. I was one of the last holdouts. I finally caved.

2. I'm very lucky that I get to stay home with Turner until November 15th. I do have to run a parent night on Thursday, and I'm a little nervous. I'm going to go in to school to prepare this afternoon. Turner will love it. He'll get to snuggle with my co-workers while I plan. They fight over who gets to hold him.

3. T Rex went to bed at 8:15 last night.

4. T Rex has really sensitive skin. He inhereited it from his mama. Sunday night, I slathered on some Aveeno Baby lotion and he woke up Monday morning with a rash all over his poor baby body. I gave him a bath and switched him back to the Aquaphor we had been using, and his skin is calming down a bit. Poor little man.

5. T Rex went on his first road trip to Bellefontaine this weekend. He did a great job riding in the car considering our 1 1/2 hour trip took an extra hour because there was a detour. Of course Daddysaurus couldn't take the posted detour, because he knows better than the road crew guys. Nope. instead Daddy kept insisting he knew exactly where we were as we weaved around country roads for way too long. Admitting he is lost is not Daddy's forte. We love him anyway.

6. We had a great time in Bellefontaine and Turner met Maggie, our big dog that my in-laws graciously adopted from us when I was pregnant with Big T. Maggie sniffed his toes, Turner smiled, and she went off to do her own thing. Apparently food on the floor is more intereating than her new brother.

7. We took the camera with us to Bellefontaine.

8. I didn't take any pictures.

9. My brain isn't functioning at 100%. The Bug's Mama and Daddysaurus might agree my brain is functioning at 50%.  . . on a good day. This is why there are no picture of T Rex from this weekend.

10. Since there aren't any pictures from this weekend, here is one from the archives. Love at first sight!

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