Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turner's First Easter

The Easter Bunny was very good to Turner! He must have known Turner couldn't have candy, because he filled plastic eggs with peach puffs instead! He also got a stuffed Grover, a Little Tykes car, a few bath toys, and some new big boy spoons and forks. He did get a big chocolate bunny that Mommy and Daddy ate almost all of. T did have some licks, and I think he's going to be a chocoholic like his mama!

We were in a rush before church, so I didn't get any pictures of Turner in his Easter outfit, and I forgot my camera when we went to Bellefontaine, so the only pictures I have are of him exploring the goodies in his Easter basket. He's not in a very festive outfit because I didn't want chocolate all over his nice clothes!

Oh, and the Easter basket is mine from when I was growing up. My mom made it - in rather questionable colors I might add - but at least it's gender neutral so Turner can use it too!

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