Monday, April 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last week I went to Vegas for three days for one of my best friends' wedding. I left Turner with Daddy - yikes!

2. Daddy did a pretty good job. Everyone was in one piece and laundry was even done!

3. Turner has never been a steller sleeper, and I had just gotten him on a pretty good routine and that didn't work out while Daddy was flying solo with the little man, so I am working on getting him back into his routine.

4. Turner had a pretty yucky cold the week before I left for Vegas. He was coughing and had a fever and a nasty nose. He was pretty pathetic for a few days. Luckily, he got better the day before I left.

5. It was SUPER hard to leave Mr. T when I went to Vegas, I cried most of the way to the airport and while I waited in line to get my ticket. I got lots of weird looks from high school kids going on a ski trip.

6. By the time I got on the plane I pulled it together. I missed T, but it was nice to relax and wake up on my own!

7. T got 2 more teeth while I was gone. He has 8 all together!

8. We had Turner's 9 month pictures taken on Friday. I can't wait to pick them up! He looked so cute - and so big! I'll post some of the pics soon.

9. Turner has decided he HATES getting his jammies on. Button up jammies are a HUGE battle. He screams and rolls around. I try to hold him down and sing or make noises to entertain him. I am sweating and exhausted by the time the jams are on, and he is a slobbery screaming mess. So, we are going with the zippered variety only from now on!

10. He has started pulling himself up and walking behind his new push toy. I can't believe how big Turner is getting! He is so darn cute!

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