Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Way Back Wednesday

Yikes! Life has been busy and I have lots of pictures to catch up on. Let's start this Way Back Wednesday with Halloween and then a little Boonshoft action. First up - Halloween.

Aunt Lele and I decided we'd try a theme for all the cousins this year, so we let the big boys decide. They picked Mario and Bowser from Mario Brothers. Alex was actually a ninja turtle with cones on his back to be more Bowser-esque. (Shhh. . . don't tell - he'd be uber disappointed). Anyhoo, the babies were going to be mushrooms, but we thoguht they'd just take the mushroom heads off, so Aunt Lele decided gold coins would be better.

Honestly, I was not really sold on the whole coin idea. I didn't think anyone would know what the babies were. But, I was very, very wrong! They were the hit of Jefferson Street! Aunt Lele decorated a wagon like the bricks from Mario, I got gold mylar balloons to tie to the wagon for coins and we played the Super Mario Brothers 3 theme music from i pod speakers. It was super fab!

TT and the Bean hung in there well over an hour too, thanks to some snacks courtesy of Aunt Lele. I tell you what, she's always thinking. Here are a few shots of T.

And now, for part one of the Boonshoft. Sharon and I took Turner and Ali there back in November. It was a lot of fun. They have all kinds of cool rooms with hands-on activities the kids can do. One of Turner's personal faves was the recycling center. Kids sort things by material (glass, plastic, paper) into the recycling truck, and then empty the truck and do it again. T was really into putting things into the recycling bins and pushing them around. Next best thing to a laundy basket!

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