Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Boonshoft Fun

Turner and Ali both liked the body shop area of the museum. There's car stuff on the walls, car parts in cases and a truck you can sit in. Sharon may or may not have used the truck bed as a diaper changing station for Miss Ali! T and Ali played really well in the truck together, for, you know, all of two minutes which is about their attention span!

I don't really remember what the theme of the room with the computer was, but Turner could have cared less. He just wanted to press the keys and play with the mouse - two things that are off limits at home. He looks so cute!

Our last stop was the dig pit. It's made of teeny tiny pieces of rubber, I think from old tires or something. Big kids can dig for dinosaur bones that are at the bottom. Little kids like Turner can use it as a sandbox. He loved, loved, loved the dig pit. I think this kid's going to need a sandbox at home, except, nevermind because this germaphobe mommy probably cannot handle that! Oh, and speaking of germs, I was very nervous to go to Boonshoft with all the germy kids and stuff. I sucked it up though. The only thing I kept T from was the water table area because a friend's son drank from it and got a mean stomach bug. Overall, I was very proud of my relaxedness (Is that a word?) over the whole experience. Hopefully, we can go with Sharon and Ali again soon!

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