Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tuken's Orchard and Farm Market

Grammy and I took Turner out to Tuken's on 35 past New Lebanon. Aunt LeLe took her brood there and said they had lots of pumpkins to choose from and a super sweet petting zoo. She was right, the petting zoo was perfect. They had mama/daughter sheep, mama/daughter llamas, a potbelly pig, two goats, and a miniature horse!

It was just us looking at the animals, and T even got to feed the sheep. He thought it was fun at first, but then the sheep's lips touched his fingers and he took off screaming. That was the end of our petting zoo experience.  

Before that though, he watched Mommy feed the goat, and petted the llama and the pig. To be honest, I think Mommy was more pumped about petting the animals than T, and I had a fantastic time!

Turner was much more excited to investigate the pumpkins and tried REALLY hard to pick up some of the big ones. We picked out a nice round one for our front porch and grammy bought us some apples and old fashioned coconut candy for the ride home. It was a perfect fall excursion for all of us.

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