Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Play Date and Fridge Fun

A few weeks ago Sharon and Miss Ali came over to play after school. I think Sharon and I are sometimes more into the playdates than the little ones (note facial expressions in top photo!) It was a nice change of routine from our typical quiet evening without guests. We went to a little fall festival at Bern's Graden Center too. Pictures of that shin-dig coming soon!

T recently discovered the magnets on the fridge, so Grammy suggested I get him some of his own. I bought him the Leap Frog alphabet. When he puts the letters in the dog house it plays a little ditty with the letter sound. He really likes it, but you know what he likes even more? Flapping his arms around on the fridge and watching the magnets fly off in every direction. That is why, after a few weeks, the stats are 16 letters ON the fridge, 10 letters UNDER the fridge. I can't reach them, and I'm not going to pull out the fridge to get them, so I guess T will only know 16 letters when he goes to kindergarten ;)

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