Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

I really need to write more about Turner's happenings. I want to remember everything about him as he grows up, but he keeps me on my toes while he's awake, and once he goes to bed I'm ex-haust-ed. So, my plan is to post a big review of our past month and a half or so and then put up more pictures soon and more frequently. I'm planning on having the blog "slurped" (turned into a book for me to keep) and it's really just for me, so if you find my blog uninteresting, I'm totally okay with that. :)

Now, for some Turner tidbits:

1. My friend Whitney (Auntie Whit to T) and I are doing a couch to 5k running program. We are up to 28 minutes of running at a time, which is HUGE for us non-runners. Anyway, my calves have been sore and so I stretch a lot. Turner likes to stretch with me. He'll lean into the wall push-up style right underneath me and he'll sit with me and stretch his legs on the floor too. It's adorable, but I can't get a picture because when I stop stretching, so does he.

2. Turner now has TWELVE teeth. It's been about a month since the last four (molars) finally emerged. It was a looooong process of getting those molars with lots of fussing and even bloody gums. But, now they are in and my baby has be-au-ti-ful teeth and he even likes brushing them before bedtime.

3. Turner loves Renee his babysitter. He calls her "NeNe." I'm a little miffed that he STILL doesn't call me anything. But he very well may think my name is "uh uh uh" (whiny sound while he points/reaches for me/etc.)

4. At NeNe's Turner and his partner in crime Kae, who is a few months older, gang up on Kae's poor docile older brother Troy who is almost 3. Poor Troy. Renee says Turner and Kae never fight with one another though and play all day.

5. Kae also taught Turner to go down the stairs, and it's pretty funny because he rolls onto his belly with his feet facing the stairs and then shimmies on down, only he preps himself a good six feet before the stairs actually start, so he does a mean backwards army crawl.

6. Turner still loves to go to his cousins' house and gets very frustrated when we walk by and don't go in. I think he misses spending his days with the Benster sometimes.

7. Turner's main goal in life continues to be getting into anything he shouldn't, including, but not limited to: cell phones, remote controls, dog food, drawers, etc. He also loves to play with light switches and the buttons on the thermostat.

8. He is really into reading books lately. He won't sit through a whole story without getting up to get a new one, but we'll read books for up to half an hour at a time. His personal favorite continues to be Fish Swish, Splash Dash and we've read it at least 600 times.

9. Turner also enjoys putting random things in laundry baskets (with dirty clothes) and pushing them around the house. Last week when I did laundry, I found several items as I was putting the clothes in the washing machine, including: a coaster, a plastic ball, an old teething ring and a flip flop.

10. I had T's 15 month pictures taken two weeks ago at Penney's. I only got rights to one picture, so it's the only one I can put on here. We had to wait about a half hour for our session, which is rough when you are trying to entertain a little guy in a department store. He kept wanting to puch the furniture around and puch his stroller around. Grammy and I did a pretty good job of keeping him occupied, but it was rough.

11. I almost forgot. Turner had his 15 month check-up a few weeks ago too. He is in the 50th percentile for weight, 75th percentile for height, and 92nd for head circumfrance. He had to get three shots, but he was a trooper, unlike at his 12 month check-up. That was traumatic for both of us. Apparently, if you live in an older house they need to test lead levels, so my poor baby had to hae blood drawn, like adult style, tourniquet and all. He kept making a fist and the vein in his hand would close, so it took a really long time. Then, after that awful experience, they gave him 5 shots. Poor little man.

12. Also at Turner's appointment I talked with Dr. K about T's speech, or lack thereof. He was only consistentyl saying ball, duck, book, and uh-oh. She said the minimum number of words is 3, so he made the cut. She also said he is so busy being active and exploring, that speech has taken a back seat, and that's okay. He's starting to pick up some more words now, like Nene, door, flower, and beep, beep (which is what he does to my nose!)

That was  a lot of info. for one evening, so I'm going to post one quick picture, and head to bed.

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