Friday, June 17, 2011

Turner's First Hair Cut

My dear sister has been giving me a bit of a hard time for not getting T's hair cut. I will admit, he had a bit of a mullett. I was putting off his hair cut because it's one more milestone that makes him seem like such a big boy - and, frankly, Mommy is not ready for that.

Wednesday I finally decided it was time, so my mom and I took Turner to Cookie Cutters by the Dayton Mall. I took Grammy along because I thought it could be a disaster and I might need back up. Turner does not always warm up to strangers immediately.

I was very pleasantly surprised when we arrived! Turner sat right down in the red car and Sherry, the nice hair dresser, turned on Mickey Mouse. T played with the steering wheel and was very content. He wanted to play with the comb, so Sherry gave him hers and got another out. He stayed occupied and was a very good boy! I was very proud of my little man!

We were there maybe 15 minutes, and it only cost $10! You can't beat that! we will definitely go back to Sherry at Cookie Cutters for our future trims!



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