Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turner's First Cart Ride

T and I went shopping with my good friend Whitney this weekend. She's getting married in Vegas in March and wanted me to help her pick out some clothes for the trip. Turner was a very good boy! He hung in there from 10 - 2! He did start to get fussy toward the end of our trip to Target, so I decided to let him ride in the front of the cart.

After thoroughly sanitizing the cart ('cuz that's how I roll) I buckled Tster in and off we went. I thought he would love it, but he was not so sure about it. He warmed up to it as we cruised the aisles though. Now that he's big enough, I've got my handy dandy cart cover ready to use. It's the super deluxe version with fruits and veggies printed on in, plush fruits hanging from it for Turner to play with and a watermelon pillow for behind his back. T will be the comfiest kiddo in a cart when we hit up Kroger in a few days!

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