Friday, February 11, 2011

More Crib Shots

My sister was commenting on the plethora of pictures I take of Turner in his crib wearing only his diaper. This happens for two reasons:

1. He loves to play in his crib in the evenings sans clothing.
2. Mommy must be present or else he screams his head off.

So, when I am changing him into his nighttime diaper, I let him play for a little while before he gets all lotioned up and puts his jammies on.

He has a new-found interest in feet. He enjoys playing with his toes, and goes for anyone else's toes he can. For some reaon he is drawn to Whitney's feet. He stares at them and tries to grab them for, like, hours on end. It's hilarious, but makes me slightly uncomfortable . . .

An uber-cute picture of T's little belly!

As I've mentioned before, T thoroughly enjoys playing with his bumper. A few nights ago he manage to untie three of the four corners on his own!

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